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What Supplements To Take For Your Training

What Supplements To Take For Your Training


What Supplements To Take For Your Training
The fitness industry can seem daunting and overwhelming to anyone who has just started their fitness journey. But one part of the fitness industry that is often overlooked is sports supplementation despite it being a multi-billion-pound industry in of itself.

Whether you’re looking to do bodybuilding or just move down a clothing size, supplements might seem an attractive way to help you achieve your goals. Nothing can replace a healthy and balanced diet so if you’re looking for that check out Champ’s Kitchen at Stack House Gym Rayleigh.

You can supplement your diet with products designed to help fuel your body. Luckily for you Stack House Gym has and excellent supplement shop selling products specifically to make your life a little easier in choosing which is the best for you.

Here we will discuss a few of the options that we have available. But rest assured, we only source what we believe are some of the best options for your supplementation needs.

Protein Powder

The most obvious place to start is the most well-known fitness supplement, protein powder.

Stack House Gym has lots of protein powder flavours to choose from. We typically deal primarily with Scitec Nutrition who have proven to be a good partner for us. While certainly not the cheapest of whey protein options on the market, it is absolutely one of the best. In terms of flavour and ingredients it is a fantastic option for you.

Many cheaper whey protein options can cause bloating and/or an upset stomach. Because Scitec Nutrition whey protein comes with digestive enzymes in the protein powder, it can help you to digest the protein shake more easily. This is one of the key reasons that Scitec is our primary partner when it comes to whey protein options.

But there are also those who do not react well to lactose products, or who choose to stay away from animal-based products in favour of plant-based products. For those of you who fall into either of these two categories, Stack House Gym stocks vegan protein as well. Vegan protein powders can come from a variety of sources but are usually from pea protein. These protein shakes are a great way to ensure that your general diet has enough protein to both fuel your workouts and to recover from intense sessions in the gym.

Pre-work out

Pre-work outs can be a little scary to the gym newbie, but for the fitness enthusiast they often are a product that is enjoyed as a near daily supplement to their fitness regimen.

There are two major products that we sell at Stack House Gym; 1. The pre-work out and 2. The pump powder.

The pre-workout is a product that is often very high in caffeine. There are numerous studies that have been completed that show that caffeine can have a positive effect on both strength output and endurance.

This makes caffeine a stable in the pre-workout market. At Stack House, we try to hand select what we believe are the best on the market. We stock products such as Redcon1 Total War, Applied Nutrition ABE, Ghost Legend, and many more.

The pump powder is a different type of pre-workout formula. Often having no caffeine, this product is designed to encourage dilation of the circulatory system which in turn causes more blood to flow to the muscle.

In weight training circles this is an extremely popular product as when combined with weight training it forces more blood into the targeted muscles resulting in a bigger “pump”. Those who are weight training will see their muscles look bigger, rounder and feel more full.

This can be a positive for recovery as if there is more blood in the muscle then by definition there will be more nutrients in the muscle, which can aid in a faster rate of muscle repair and growth.

Protein bars

Protein bars can sometimes seem counter intuitive. If you’re trying to be the fittest version of yourself, why are you eating chocolate?! However, protein bars aren’t necessarily bad for you. Protein bars often come with a greatly reduced sugar content compared with their mainstream counterparts.

For example, a typical Grenade Carb Killa bar will have approximately 20g of protein and only 1.5-1.7g of sugar per bar. If you’re the type of person who caves when they crave a snack, a protein bar is a fantastic option. High in protein, low in sugars.

The success of companies such as Grenade in the growing market for protein bars has encouraged some of the bigger players in the chocolate market, such as Snickers, Mars, Bounty and M&M’s, to enter the market with their own products. This means you can often get a high protein, low sugar version of your favourite chocolate bar. So you can snack relatively guilt free… just watch out you don’t go over your calories!

In summary

These are just some of the products that we sell in the supplement shop at Stack House Gym. The supplement shop can be found at reception. If you have any questions about which products you might like, or what kind of supplementation is for you why not ask one of our friendly and helpful staff? Or if you’re looking for guidance in your diet in general, why not speak to one of our personal trainers who can give you fantastic nutrition advice and help you reach your fitness goals