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Strength Training versus Weight Lost

Strength Training versus Weight Lost


Does strength training help you lose weight?

The short answer is yes. Any type of increase in exercise will help you lose weight when you are in a manageable calorie deficit. But how?

Well, it’s fairly simple. When adding strength training to your exercise regime, you are applying a new stimulus to the body. As with any type of fitness, your body will begin to adapt to the stimulus that you put on it. In strength training this will come in the form of more muscle being built.

The reason that strength training is so important to a well-rounded weight loss plan is that by increasing the amount of muscle mass that you have on your body you are changing what is known as your body composition. Body composition simply put is your fat to muscle ratio. Another important reason that muscle building through strength training is so important for a weight loss plan is that muscle requires more calories to grow and for the body to maintain that muscle mass. Essentially, your body will use more energy (calories are just units of energy) to support the muscle that you have developed. By adding a small amount of muscle, you can speed up your fat loss plan because your body puts more of the energy you give it through food in to growing and maintaining that muscle.

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