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Stack House Reopening: Coming Out of Lockdown Stronger

Stack House Reopening: Coming Out of Lockdown Stronger


Stack House Reopening: Coming Out of Lockdown Stronger
As gyms up and down England get ready to open their doors to the public and adjust to the way things will be in a post-Covid-19 world, we wanted to take this time to tell everyone about how we’re coming back ready to be Covid-safe on the 25th July, and how despite being unable to welcome you all through our doors, we’ve still been investing in the Stack House gyms to bring as much value to your membership as we can.


Firstly, we want to take this opportunity to say that we are so grateful to all of our members, particularly those who were willing and able to keep supporting us through lockdown. The support was genuinely overwhelming for us and meant that we knew were going to be able to reopen following this unprecedented turn of events.

So, from the whole Stack House team, thank you sincerely from the bottom of our collective hearts.

Because of that kindness we have been able to stick to our schedule for facility upgrades to make sure that we can offer even more for your money.


At each of our two sites we have added a SkiErg to help push your functional and cardio fitness even further. SkiErg was one of the most requested pieces of equipment at each gym so we’re pleased to be able to introduce them for you when we reopen. We have also invested in more function equipment at Westcliff, including heavy balls/sacks as well as plenty of cable attachments.

At Rayleigh we have added a donkey calf raise. Our brand ambassador, Jon Lofthouse, has been bugging us to add this so we went on a mission to find one. It’s safe to say that he is thrilled; describing it as the best one he’s ever used. Sticking with Rayleigh, we have also added a reverse hyper. For all you strength athletes, I’m sure you’ll be happy to see this in the gym, and anyone else looking to build stronger glutes and lower back, this is the perfect piece of kit to do so. Lastly, we have introduced a car deadlift named Stack House Sally, give her a lift on your next session; she’s at the back of the building.


Not only have we been upgrading our kit selection, but across both of our sites we have been upgrading our actual facilities as well. The studio in the back of the gym at Westcliff has had an aircon unit introduced and we’ve touched up all the damage caused by weights and bars. Hopefully you all see how pretty the walls look again. It’s the small touches that can make a big difference, and a few of you at Westcliff had asked us to see to this… and we obliged! You will also notice the new TVs that have been installed on the main gym floor.

At Rayleigh we have installed a full air conditioning system through the gym. This is no small job but allows us to heat and cool the gym effectively. As we’re now in the height of summer, when you’re upstairs on a piece of cardio you’ll definitely thank us for this! Sticking with Rayleigh, we have also upgraded the lighting on the gym floor. The new lighting allows you to get much better pictures and videos for your social media pages, gives the gym an atmosphere more in line with how we are and how you as a membership base are, and makes the place feel brighter and bigger.


In terms of reopening Covid-safe, we have put a number of measures in place that will help keep the gym a safe environment for people to train. Any pieces of equipment that are unable to be spaced safely will have screens in between. However, this isn’t really a great number of machines.

Because the guidelines have suggested it’s 2m from the centre of the kit (effectively where you as the user will be on the kit) much of our kit is either spaced safely already, or the weight stacks act as a protective shield to keep you safe.

We have installed a screen around the till area to keep staff and members safe as this is a high interaction point at the counter. We will be asking you as members to keep a safe distance back from the counter while we pass you your protein shake, pre-workout or bottle of water.

You will find a number of hand sanitiser stations around the gym, as well as anti-bacterial spray and blue roll. When you use a piece of equipment, please wipe it down before and after, then we would encourage you to use the hand sanitiser.

To help with your ability to practice social distancing from all your gym buddies that you’ve been missing, we have a max capacity rule in place. This means that you may have to wait a few minutes when you arrive during busier peak times. But it will mean when you’re on the gym floor you can interact with other gym users from a safe distance and still use the kit that you have been eager as a beaver to get back on.

Please check out our Coronavirus Information and Reopening FAQs so you are well informed before your first visit.


We’re so pleased to be reopening. It has been a long time coming, and we really cannot wait to see you all again.

We’ve been working so hard, and continue to do so at the time of writing this, to make sure that you can come back to a gym that is recognisable, better than before and most importantly to us, safe.

Roll on Saturday 25th July 2020 where we can once again greet you with a smile and sign you in to use the best gym in the area!