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FAQs 2020-01-13T10:29:09+00:00
How can I cancel my membership?  2020-01-16T13:17:24+00:00

Please refer to section 7 of the Terms and Conditions Click Here

Your cancellation policy is dependant on the type of membership you are signed up to. Please call us on 01268 776 533 (Rayleigh) and 01702 416 337 (Westcliff) to discuss with a member of staff.

I know someone who could benefit from a membership, what should I do?  2020-01-16T13:20:08+00:00

We operate a brilliant referral scheme for members. For every person you refer, who joins a long term membership, you and your friend will receive a FREE month on your membership. For more information, get in touch with us by phone, email or pop in (T&Cs apply).

What are the busiest times of the gym? 2017-12-13T15:54:43+00:00

Our gyms have a constant flow of members throughout the day, however the gyms are at their busiest between 6-9pm.

Can I take a break in my membership? 2017-12-13T15:53:56+00:00

Memberships can be frozen for any reasons for a fee of £10 per month for a maximum of 3 months in a row. Please speak to a member of the team if you have further questions.

Can I pay my membership in cash? 2020-01-16T13:23:23+00:00

We have a wide range of memberships, this includes cash prepaid and direct debit; short and long term options. Please get in touch with us to discuss which option is best for you.

What does a contract membership mean? 2020-01-16T13:25:31+00:00

If you have opted for a 6-month or 12-month contract membership, you have agreed to be a member of Stack House for the length of that time with monthly direct debit payments. After your initial contract period ends, your membership will continue to roll on a monthly basis subject to our cancellation policy. Contracted memberships are a great way for you to save money over the course of the year. Alternatively, you can pay for your annual membership upfront for even greater savings!

Are there any additional costs? 2018-08-31T14:39:20+00:00

Our memberships will give you full access to our gym equipment, classes and regular consultations with our staff. If you would like access to specialised classes, Personal Training, Massage Therapy and Supplements Bar there are additional costs – please speak to a member of staff.

Is there free parking? 2017-12-13T15:51:29+00:00

Parking is available at both sites so you won’t have the worry about where to leave your car! There is free parking available outside our Rayleigh gym and there is a public car park at Hamlet Court Road which is a 1-minute walk from our Westcliff gym.

How often can I visit the gym? 2017-12-13T15:51:18+00:00

Whatever membership you have you can enjoy unlimited and unrestricted access to the gyms within the gyms opening hours. Attend as much as you want and for as long you want.

What makes Stack House different? 2020-01-16T13:28:39+00:00
  • Comfortable and inviting atmosphere
  • Friendly, helpful, & professional staff
  • Members join the family so service come first
  • Regular health MOTs and consultations
  • Training alongside like-minded individuals will motivate you
  • We will help you to train like an athlete