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Essential Fitness Habits to Adopt

Essential Fitness Habits to Adopt


Essential Fitness Habits to Adopt
It is the start of the new year and also a great time to create some life changing, life enhancing and life promoting goals. This is the time to evaluate your current fitness habits and plan for the year ahead. Do you want to create healthy fitness habits that will last all year? We have put together some fitness habits to excite your current routine and that will get you to your goals!

Five Fitness Habits to Make You Unstoppable

#1 Set a daily fitness goal and commit to it!

This can be as small or as big as you want it to be. You may set a big target to exercise for 1 hour a day, or set a smaller target to get off the bus one stop earlier to get your steps in. Which ever it is, set your goal and commit to it! As you start to achieve your goals you can reevaluate and set new ones! The point is that you are thinking of way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine and by committing to it, you are creating a healthy fitness habit.

#2 Set a weekly fitness plan

This can be a new workout plan that you schedule through the week and specifically days and times that have been designated to execute your plan. Once you have your plan in place, it is much harder to break it. Hold yourself accountable and go for it! You can also include a nutrition plan alongside your workout plan.

#3 Get excited by a new exercise or fitness plan

If you are feeling bored and tired of the same plan, try something new! Trying something new every so often is exciting and can be a great way to reinvent your training or just get your body moving in a different way. Get out of your comfort zone and see how this can benefit you.

#4 Take time for self care

Look after yourself so you can remain at optimum fitness. This includes a good warm up before your workout and a cool down afterwards. These are great for getting your muscles ready for a good workout and will also prevent injuries from occurring. Other things you can consider are meditation, massage and taking a hot bath. Look after yourself!

#5 Reward yourself!

You have stuck to your goals, you have implemented new fitness habits into your daily routine and you’re making good progress, then celebrate! So go ahead and reward yourself. You have earned it.

Five Fitness Rules and Reminders

#1 Choose workouts you enjoy and ones that will bring you closer to your goals

#2 Change your mindset and go for it! Stay motivated and stay focussed

#3 Results are coming. It takes time but if you stick to your plan and give it 100% dedication, the results will show

#4 Prioritise fitness in your daily schedule. Find a suitable time in your day for exercise and stick to it!

#5 Avoid getting distracted during your designated exercise time. Set boundaries for yourself and succeed!

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