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Equipment & Facilities

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WEIGHT Training

Our weight training facilities are the most comprehensive in Essex.

In addition to being a Hammer Strength official facility, we hand pick the best equipment on the market. We offer facilities for strongman, bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. We’re confident you can train and excel for your chosen sport and training needs.

Available at: Westcliff Gym | Rayleigh Gym

Functional Training

Our functional training and functional weight training are comprehensive.

Whether you’re looking for a power rack, plyo-boxes, functional fitness classes, kettlebells or battle ropes, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our functional areas are carefully designed to cater for all demographics and training needs.

Available at: Westcliff Gym | Rayleigh Gym

CARDIO Training

We have a broad range of cardio machines to boost your training.

From treadmills, rowing machines, spin bikes, stepmills / stairmills and airbikes, we continually add to our range allowing you to maximise on your training.

Available at: Westcliff  Gym | Rayleigh Gym


We have a fully equipped combat and boxing room within our gym.

Complete with boxing ring, heavy bag, punch bag, box-master and speedball. It is a full boxing gym within the gym itself. What’s better is we run classes that take advantage of these amazing facilities.

Available at: Westcliff Gym


We have an intimate studio perfect for spinning.

Small groups allow you to really connect with the trainer and get a more personal service and allow you to get the most out of every spin class.

Available at: Westcliff Gym

Yoga and Pilates

Our yoga classes will strengthen, stretch and improved your posture, as well as enhance your over-all holistic well-being.

Each class will teach you effective breathing techniques whilst you navigate your way through the motions of each yoga movement. We always strive to add new classes which provide something different.

Available at: Westcliff Gym

Lounge area

Our lounge area has a fully equipped supplements bar offering food, shakes, snacks, tea and coffee that can all be enjoyed pre or post workout at our lounge tables.

This area offers a great way to cool down and rehydrate before you head off.

Available at: Westcliff Gym | Rayleigh Gym


Our supplements bar is fully equipped with all you need to enhance your workouts. This includes pre-workout and energy drinks, intra workout fuel and post workout protein shakes and food which are all competitively priced.

We aim to bring the best supplements on the market and stock just about everything you need. With Scitec being our main protein partner, we are confident you will love the vast array of flavours we stock.

Available at: Westcliff Gym | Rayleigh Gym

Changing Rooms

Clean toilets, showers and lockers facilities are provided in our gyms.

At our Westcliff site, there’s no need to bring a padlock as all our lockers are PIN integrated. At our Rayleigh site, are lockers required padlocks which we provide for a small fee.

Available at: Westcliff Gym | Rayleigh Gym

Sports Therapy Clinic

Bed up and made to look ready for a treatment Our onsite sports massage therapist can work on your tired and stressed muscles to provide the ultimate relaxation.

With treatments including cupping, scrapping, hot stones and manual treatment, there is something for everyone! Booking is essential and priced competitively.

Available at: Rayleigh Gym