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Covid-19 FAQs

Covid-19 FAQs


Covid-19 FAQs
We are pleased to announce we will be reopening our gyms at 6am on Wednesday 2nd December 2020. In addition to our Coronavirus Information, Our Commitment To You, we have put together some frequently asked questions. We are excited to welcome you back to the gyms.

What are the government guidelines for gyms reopening and have you complied with the guidelines?

A summary of the government guidelines for the reopening of indoor gyms can be located here. We can assure all staff, members and visitors that we have fully complied with the guidelines to ensure we can operate our gyms whilst minimising the risk of spreading Covid-19. Please click here for our Coronavirus Information.

What are the rules for attending the gym?

Please strictly adhere to our Covid-19 policy to keep our community safe and healthy:

  • Maintain excellent hand hygiene and sanitise your hands before, during and after your workout
  • Maintain social distance at all times
  • Queue and wait at reception for check-in and provide us with your personal information (as required by PHE for track and trace)
  • Disinfect your equipment before and after use by using the products located at the cleaning stations or bring your own antibacterial wipes (if preferred)
  • Ensure that all of your equipment has been racked and put back after use
  • Arrive at the gym in gym wear, shower at home and keep your personal belongings to a minimum to limit your use of the changing rooms
  • Do not use the gym if you are unwell
  • Please cooperate with our staff at all times

In order to minimise the risk of Covid-19 spreading at the gym, all staff, members and visitors MUST do their bit and FOLLOW the RULES. Look after one and other! Any individual not following the rules will be asked to leave the gym and risk their membership being suspended or terminated.

How is social distancing enforced in the gym?

Social distancing is a key requirement in the reopening of the gyms and for the health and safety of our members. We have rearranged the equipment to promote social distancing and have positioned the equipment so that individuals are not facing one another (unless there is more than 2 meter distance). Signage, posters and floor markings have been displayed around the gym serving as a reminder, however, we urge everyone to use their own judgement when interacting with others.

Will there be a booking system?

We are not implementing a booking system for general gym attendance for the time being*. This is because we want members to still have the same freedom to use our facilities and to have the option to come in and train as and when they wish. However, we will be operating a maximum capacity and a one-in-one-out system will be used when this has been reached. A booking system remains in place for our classes and consultations. *We reserve the right to implement a booking system for general gym use in the future should we feel this is the best way to manage capacity.

What is the check-in process at the gym?

All individuals must wait at reception and check-in with a member of staff. This is important for capacity management of the gym and also an opportunity for us to provide you with updates regarding the gym. Individuals will be asked for their information and contact details as required by Public Health England for track and trace and in line with our privacy policy. We will also give members the opportunity to update their medical form.

Please take a clean cloth at reception, to be used to clean the equipment and contact points throughout your session. Please remember to return your cloth to the cloth’s bin on exit.

Who is required to check-in at the gym?

All individuals coming into our facilities are required to check-in. This includes external contractors, PT and Massage clients, members, prospects or visitors, day pass users, staff and PTs. This is for the purpose of capacity management and track and trace. There is also an NHS track and trace QR code which you may scan on entry at various point throughout the gym.

How long can I use your facilities for?

We are asking members to try and keep their visits to a maximum of 90 minutes. This is so all members can have the opportunity to use our facilities. We may ask you to finish up your session if you are running over 90 minutes and we are at maximum capacity.

Can I use your lockers, changing rooms and showers?

Our changing rooms, lockers and showers are open for individuals to use, however, we recommend that individuals arrive at the gym already dressed in active wear, to shower at home and to keep personal belongings to a minimum. Please ensure you are accessing the changing rooms with social distancing in mind and refrain from entering if social distancing cannot be adhered to. Lockers will continue to be available to individuals however all contents must be removed after use and sprayed with disinfectant. Showers will also be available and individuals are required to clean the shower panels after use.

Why do I need to clean the equipment?

In line with government advice, cleaning of the equipment is necessary to kill bacteria and virus’ (thereby minimising the spread of Covid-19) that may be on the surfaces of the equipment. Please clean the equipment before you use it to protect yourself, and clean it after use to protect others.

Are sweat towels allowed on the gym floor?

Sweat towels are not permitted on the gym floor because they can harbour and spread bacteria therefore should not be used to wipe equipment. Please use the blue roll tissue available at cleaning stations and dispose after single use.

What payment methods are you accepting?

We are accepting cash and card payments.

Are masks and gloves mandatory whilst exercising in the gym?

This is not a mandatory requirement however you may wish to wear gloves and face coverings. Please remember that wearing gloves does not replace good hand washing and hygiene.

Can I hang out at the supplements bar?

We will be operating a max capacity at our supplements bar and our tables will be on a first come first serve basis. We want all our members to enjoy their shakes, snacks and meals before or after a workout however we do urge that members do not spend more time than is necessary at the bar.

Are you taking bookings for health consultations and MOTs?

Our 1:1 consultations and MOTs will be going ahead with the requirement that staff and members wear gloves and masks. We can also provide consultations over the phone.

Will there be a max capacity and how can I check if the gym is busy?

Our gyms will be operating a maximum capacity which our staff will be managing. Information of which will be updated to our social media and members app FitSense. You can also give us a call to check before you arrive. If max capacity has been reached, a one-in-one-out system will take place and we request your patience and cooperation during this time. If possible please use the gym during our quieter times; mid morning – mid afternoon.

Are you checking individuals temperatures on arrival?

We will not be routinely checking temperatures however we will have temperature checking apparatus available which we can utilise if needed. We ask that you do not attend the gym if you are feeling unwell.

I am nervous about returning to the gym, what should I do?

We completely understand that it can be daunting to return to the gym during this time. Please feel free to discuss this with us over the phone. We can also invite you in for an induction before you restart your membership so you can familiarise yourself with our Covid-19 procedures and see what we have put in place for your health and safety. If you wish to continue to freeze your membership, we can extend your freeze for a further month for free.

How do I unfreeze my membership?

If you chose to freeze your membership during the closure and we haven’t confirmed an extension to your freeze, these will automatically come to an end on your first visit or on 2nd December 2020; depending on which comes first. Your DD billing will thereafter resume as normal and if applicable a pro rata may be charged to cover the period before your next normal billing date. If you are a prepaid member, the remaining term of your membership will resume and we will notify you of the renewal date.

I continued to pay for my membership during the closure, how do I redeem my reward bundle?

If you continued to pay for your membership during the closure, we can’t thank you enough! Please see us at reception (by 2nd February 2020) to redeem £30 to spend behind the counter. Please speak to us in person if you have any questions.

I chose to pay a reduced rate, what happens now?

If you chose to reduce your payments during the first lockdown, we are extremely grateful for your continued support during this time. We will be in touch to confirm when your payments will be returning to their normal price.

I stopped my Direct Debit, what do I need to do to get my membership updated?

If your direct debit was stopped please email us at info@stackhousegym.co.uk so that we can arrange a time for you to rejoin.

I would like to join, are you taking new members?

Yes we are taking new members and look forward to welcoming you. Please email us at info@stackhousegym.co.uk to arrange a time for you to pop in and sign up.

Are you broadcasting classes online?

Our class size have been cut in half with booking required in advance, however, we will be making these available online for virtual participation. For more information about our classes please email us at info@stackhousegym.co.uk or speak to us at reception. Depending on which Tier we are placed in, will determine if our indoor classes can go ahead. Please speak to us for more information.

Do you have sufficient ventilation at the gyms?

Our maximum capacity has been calculated to take into account social distancing as advised by Public Health England. Where possible, doors, shutters and windows will be kept open to allow for the flow of fresh air around the gym, therefore the gyms can be well ventilated. Fans will be positioned near windows, shutters and doors to help with the circulation of fresh air as advised. Additionally our gyms are fitted with the best air conditioning units which also utilise a filtration system to keep the quality of the air clean. All of our units have been serviced and new filters have been installed. We will regularly check and change the air conditioning filters as needed and have planned for works to be undertaken to install vents throughout our gyms.

Can I still bring my carers in the gym with me as I train?

Carers and support workers who attend the gym with members who have physical or learning disabilities are still permitted in the gym and will count towards our capacity number. We require that carers and support workers check-in at reception by providing contact details for track and trace, adhere to the our Covid-19 policy and subject to the capacity of the gym. Carers and support workers will be required to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment as required for their role when assisting the member around the gym.

Can I still train with my friends?

Training with friends at the gym will be subject to the Government guidelines on meeting others and social distancing as well as our capacity management. Please check these before you arrive.

Can I spot my friends during weight training?

You are advised to maintain social distance unless you are from the same household or support bubble. In this instance, spotting a friend during weight training will only be permitted if you are from the same household or support bubble where close contact is allowed. We urge everyone to use their own judgement when interacting with others. Click here for government guidelines on the meeting people outside your household.