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5 Tips on Starting a Fitness Routine at Home

5 Tips on Starting a Fitness Routine at Home


5 Tips on Starting a Fitness Routine at Home
Many of us can agree that exercising at home can be difficult and with Stack House Gym closed we can find it hard to get into the swing of a fitness routine at home. In this blog we have put together 5 tips to help you get started with a fitness routine at home.

Can Home Workouts Have Its Benefits?

We understand that working out at home will feel strange and you will have to adjust your programme and be inventive with the equipment you use, however working out at home can have its benefits. Working out at home can help you maintain your current fitness levels whilst the gyms are closed. You might also find that you can get more variety in your workout by incorporating new or different movements into your training. More importantly, exercise is important for mental and physical health. Just 20-30 minutes a day will improve your mood, fitness levels and overall health. Don’t neglect it!

5 tips on Starting a Fitness Routine at Home

#1 Set your fitness goals

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What are you hoping to achieve and by when? You can set a large goal then set smaller bitesize goals in order to achieve this; for example, if your goal is fat loss, you may aim to lose 1lb a week. You can also set goals for how long you want to exercise each day, this can be as little as 30 minutes a day or a daily steps target. Which ever it is, set your goal(s) and commit to it! As you start to achieve your goals you can re-evaluate and set new ones! The point is that you are thinking of way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine and by committing to it, you are creating a healthy fitness habit.

#2 Plan your workout schedule

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This can be a new workout plan that you schedule through the week and specifically days and times that have been designated to execute your plan. Once you have your plan in place, it is much harder to break it. Hold yourself accountable and go for it! You can also include a nutrition plan alongside your workout plan.

#3 Locate your workout space

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Find a place in your home that is private and designated just to your workout time. A spot that is quiet, uninterrupted and big enough for the exercises you will perform is ideal. When locating your workout space, make sure you let others in your household know when you will be using this space so there are no distractions and interruptions.

#4 Track your progress and goals

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You can track your progress based on how you feel, how your clothes fit, how the scales measure; any way you believe that helps you to see your progress. Decide how this will be tracked and at what interval you will review your progress; daily/weekly/monthly. Tracking your progress will help to motivate you and help you to identify if you need to adjust any area of your plan.

#5 Motivation, Commitment and Rewards

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You have stuck to your goals, you have implemented new fitness habits into your daily routine and you’re making good progress. Go ahead and reward yourself. You have earned it.

In Summary

With our tips you can make effective use of the space you have at home to get regular exercise into your daily routine. Stack House Gym is waiting eagerly to welcome our staff, members and visitors back through the door. Stack House is offering all paying members a customised exercise and nutrition plan to keep you on track during the closure. For more information please get in touch with us here.